Slam Dunk Wellness   is an exciting fitness and nutrition program where you can engage men and women in what may be your most popular — and effective — wellness program ever.

Team-Based Wellness Program With A Tournament Basketball Theme.

How It Works

Each weekday, teams square off against each other. For every health behavior they track, participants earn points toward their team score ­­– 3 for more challenging activities (like 30 minutes of daily exercise) and 1 or 2 for easier, yet important ones (such as stretching).

Desktop & Mobile

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With 11 daily and weekly ways to shoot the ball through the hoop, Slam Dunk Wellness makes good health rewarding and fun.


With our desktop site and mobile app, participants can log activities, check team stats, view recipes and health tips, and track progress on the go.

For Wellness Managers Slam Dunk Wellness is a ready-made campaign that makes planning, promoting, and implementing easy, simple, and fun.

A Proven Way To Inspire Healthy Eating & Regular Exercise.

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Team Competition.

Team competition is a proven way to increase participation in wellness programs. With fun scoring, friendly competition, and team camaraderie participants will be surprised how easy it is to adopt healthy patterns.

Organization branding — your unique URL and logo on every screen.

Have a look at some of the excellent features of the Slam Dunk Wellness campaign.

Online Campaign Features.

Simple and fun tracking tool to record daily activities.

5-player teams compete against each other 1 to 1, then move on to compete against a different team each weekday.

Interactive message board to ask questions or view posts from Coach Heidi Hoops, a fitness expert.

Daily tips, healthy recipes, and informative articles.


Organized structure; VERY easy to track; very simple goals. Loved having a team and watching rankings — we all motivated each other. The group exercise points were genius — even though my team was remote, we'd plan to exercise at the same time and it definitely forced me to follow through since my teammates' points were dependent on me doing what I said I'd do. Thank you for getting me started on a much needed exercise program!

Cindy Dikeman

6-week Program - $11.51

Plans & Pricing.

Simple plans to fit your company needs.

A group license covers your entire eligible population. It includes setup, coordinator training, account management, real-time participation reports, and end-of-program summary.


All-In-One Group License

Eligible Population – Price

Up to 5,000 – $17,967

10,000 – $35,027

15,000 – $51,182

20,000 – $66,431

25,000 – $80,774

30,000 – $94,211

35,000 – $106,742

40,000 – $118,368

45,000 – $129,087

50,000 – $138,901

55,000 – $147,809

60,000 – $155,811

65,000 – $162,907

70,000 – $169,097

75,000 – $174,381

80,000 – $178,760

85,000 – $182,232

90,000 – $184,799

95,000 – $186,459

100,000 – $187,214

>100,000 – Custom Quote


1. One-time (per campaign) setup fee.

2. One-time per registrant fee.

8-week Program - $12.94

One time fee - $2,000


Per Registrant License



1. Setup and account management

2. Per registrant fees

12-week Program - $14.38

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